Monday, April 20, 2015

Record Day and the B-est of B-sides

Last Saturday, April 18 was Record Day, which is a big day for some audiophiles, people eschew low-quality digital for high-fidelity analog. Even if vinyl's popularity is growing again, it is still a niche market, as evidenced by this article from NPR’s blog the Record—the demand for records is going up, but not enough for anyone to make new record presses. As for myself, I do own several records, but I don’t actually have any turntables—so it certainly isn’t for the sound. I like my convenient digital music, though I do sometimes get annoyed at sound quality.

Saturday, Homestar Runner (now a YouTube channel) put out a great parody of those audiophile-types searching for the limited edition whichever on Record Day. One thing I love about the Brothers Chaps is that they are good musicians and do an excellent job imitating yet still making fun of music genres with the music, especially with their 80’s hair-band Limozeen. In this video, they take the role of Sloshy, their indie band. I think my favorite part (besides the "Japan-only import," which is funny because it is true) is when they talk about music during the bridge. Enjoy the meta!

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